Excerpts from statements abouy my work:

"Viewers are not likely to recognize any particular location within Kvarnstrom’s artworks. Instead of pursuing a relative likeness to his subject matter, he is inspired by abstract patterns that repetitively occur in nature. He translates all aspects of his chosen scenes into an abbreviated visual vocabulary, Kvarnstrom simultaneously blurs distinctions between painting/drawing and abstraction/representation.
On a conceptual level, Kvarnstrom’s process and technique invite viewers to contemplate being within these colorful scenes. By retaining space between his brush strokes, he metaphorically leaves room for the viewer to imagine entering the landscape without leaving the comfort of their seat. Considering the intuitive nature of his process and the openness of his finished works, it is no surprise that viewers often remark on the feeling of freedom inherent to his artworks."Sarah Campbell curator Memorial Sloan Kettering

Notable among them was a waiting room ... doubling as an expertly installed exhibition of Arthur Kvarnstrom watercolors, the presence of which seemed to enhance the room’s tranquility. Considered exclusively as art, Kvarnstrom, an established and particularly gifted colorist, was a sound choice.
Peter Malone:

Arthur Kvarnstrom seems to effortlessly produce plein aire paintings that seem to flow from his brush with ease. It almost looks too easy , but in reality these are extremely knowledgeable, deft works that take into account a lifetime of dedicated work.
Robert Sievert  "Artezine"